About Us

sheep walking single file out to grazing pastures with barn in background at sunset.

As sheep farmers Tim Fisher and Jennifer Osborn are on the front lines of wool production. As the stewards of All Sorts Acres Farm in Grey County, Ontario Canada, they understand the challenges of farming for a living.

For the past decade Tim and Jennifer have bee finding uses for the wool that all farms produce, but have few uses. This isn't the soft, fine, wool used in the beautiful yarns. The wool boreal wool focuses on is all the other wool that gets rejected for local yarns.

It's not that this wool is bad quality, it's just not good yarn wool. boreal wool finds ways and products to make the best use of this wool.

boreal wool uses exclusively Canadian wool from grass-based farms. This means the sheep go outside and eat grass. 

All our products are made right here in Ontario. boreal wool is dedicated to invigorating the Canadian wool industry, using the wool that exists right now.

We will try and do just about anything with wool


Just don't ask us for soft yarn!