Why Wool

Grass-fed sheep grazing on pasture with autumn coloured trees in the background.

Wool - nature's finest fibre

 Wool is a most unique fibr that people have used for millenia.

Wool is created by sheep doing what they do naturally - eat. Sheep grow wool naturally. Over thousands of years we evolved along with sheep to create a variety of amazing wool fibres that are just as varied on the hair on our own heads.

Different breeds have different types of wool - some wool is soft, some wool is strong, some wool is short, some wool is long, regardless of it's appearance, if it comes from a sheep, it's wool. None of the wool is bad wool, it just has a very specific purpose.


1. Wool breathes keeping things warm in winter, and cool in summer preventing moisture build up which also prevents dustmites. Dustmites like moisture, so don't like wool.

2. It's an air purifier - wool absorbs many harmful chemicals (Volitile Organic Compounds or V.O.C.'s) out of the air and traps them for up to 30 years.

3. Bacteria, mould, and mildrew resistant naturally.

4. Wool is hard to ignite with a flame, making it fire resistant. It is self-extinguishng preventing fire from spreading.

5. Can absorb up to 1/3 of it's weight in moisture and still be warm! Very inportant in wet, cold weather.

7. Is dirt resistant. Wool doesn't hold onto smell or dirt as much as many other fibres. A good firm brush and air out is a great way to clean wool and use much less energy.

8. Renewable fibre - each year sheep produce wool. It regrows by sheep just being sheep. No special ingredients needed!

9. Wool is biodegradable becasue it is a 100% natural product - less in landfills!