Then We Kissed -  4" Felt and free motion artwork

Then We Kissed - 4" Felt and free motion artwork

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Sunsets exist in the special place of light and dark. A veil comes over the world. This crepuscular world invited many wonderful possibilities when one is exploring a relationship with another. The anticipation and then elation of that first kiss between two people is always etched in our minds, long after the event happened.

The back of the art has been left open for you to see how the work was made and constructed. 

It is signed and titled by the artist and ready to hang.

Each unique image is created using naturally coloured and dyed wool from the home farm flock, cotton thread stitching, and bamboo embroidery hoops. 

Drawing inspiration from the local landscape and other northern  rural settings, artist Jennifer Osborn strives to make her art as environmentally friendly as possible from beginning to end.